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Learn to Hit it Longer
Increase your driving distance -- learn to hit the ball farther

Do you want to hit the golf ball your longest?
Here are my Top Recommendations.

Long Driving Instruction

Private Long Drive School at

Private Long Drive Schools

Focus on increasing your distance with all clubs,
including hitting longer tee shots with your driver

Come to work with me in person in a Private Long Drive School -- it's all about learning to hit longer drives and increase your distance with every club in your bag... well, maybe not the putter... unless you're leaving your putts short. smile

Just teasing, we're talking about learning to hit it farther with your full swings here. Learn how to increase your driving distance off the tee and hit your fairway woods and irons farther as well. If you want to work on any other aspect(s) of your game we can do that too.

You can come by yourself or bring a friend or small group of friends/family. The sessions will be private: limited to you or your group, and I will be the only instructor.

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Long Driving Book

If you cannot come to work with me in person get my 4-volume series of golf instruction books, the final volume of which covers every aspect of hitting the golf ball your maximum distance. See more below.

Hitting it Longer - golf instruction book on gaining more distance

Hitting it Longer

Getting More Distance in Your Golf Game,
with the Driver and Throughout Your Bag

In this fourth volume of the "Your Golf" series PGA Professional Mark Blakemore thoroughly covers the topic of hitting a golf ball for maximum distance in one's game. With a history of competitive experience in Long Driving, a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics, and over 30 years of golf instruction experience there is no golf professional more qualified to teach golfers how to hit the ball longer -- not only with the driver, but with all your clubs! This book is the last volume of a set covering the entire game in detail. The entire set of 4 books is $40.

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"This is comprehensive information for anybody who wants to hit the golf ball longer, whether it's competing in Long Driving or increasing distance with all your clubs -- powerful stuff."

"If you want to know how to hit the ball long this is a complete reference manual -- essential reading for those looking to get more distance."

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