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Golf Fitness Tip

Of the three major components of fitness (strength, endurance and flexibility) flexibility is probably the most important for having a powerful and effective golf swing. A good way to develop flexibility is Yoga. Take a class or even get a book. It will make a big difference in your game, especially in the long term. It will also help you with your overall fitness and general health. (Hey, that sounds good!)

Yoga Book for Golfers
Yoga Video for Golfers
Find a Yoga Instructor

I've been doing regular stretching since 1976 (...wish I would have started earlier! ), on the average of at least 5 days per week. If I could only afford the time for one type of exercise stretching or Yoga would be it -- not because I'm a California weirdo, but because it is the one that has the most noticeable positive impact on my game and the way I feel, physically and mentally. Continue below for more suggestions.

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One of the most common problems I see among golf students is the lack of ability to perform the movements associated with good simple golf skills due to excess tension, and general lack of body awareness and control. In addition to Yoga, Tai Chi and The Alexander Technique are great ways to improve your body awareness and control and, therefore, they could easily have as much positive impact on your golf game as any golf tip or instruction. Here are some resources.

Alexander Technique Book
Tai Chi Video
Alexander Technique Video
Find a Tai Chi Instructor
Find an Alexander Technique Instructor

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