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Golf Schools
Work on any area of your game in detail -- or learn to hit it longer

SPIRIT Magazine cover
As seen in Southwest Airlines SPIRIT Magazine

"You learn directly from Blakemore, the school's only instructor, a huge plus ... he usually works privately with individuals or couples"

There are currently two types of Golf Schools. Both types are private sessions for individuals or small groups of friends or family.

  • Custom-tailored program based on individual interests and goals, focusing on any area(s) of the game that you'd like
  • Focusing just on getting more distance in your golf game -- learning how to hit the ball longer, both off the tee and with all your other full shots too

There are many advantages to taking my private golf schools over the many other popular golf schools available today. Foremost among the benefits is the fact that you'll receive more personal one-on-one instruction from the main (and only) instructor (me) than any other golf school that I am aware of.

My golf schools are private sessions with individuals, couples or very small groups of friends or family pre-arranged by the student. How much personal attention can you stand? I believe you will find the experience to be very worthwhile. (More about instructor and credentials below )

You will learn more effectively in private sessions than you would in a large or public group. Consider: If you could have the undivided attention of the instructor in any subject and could have all your questions answered directly, as they came up, don't you think you would get a deeper understanding, and have greater retention, of the lessons learned? Undoubtedly.

Student Comments

"I want to say a huge thank you for the lessons. I can honestly say that they resulted in the biggest improvement ever in my ballstriking. Going into a round I now expect to hit up to 9 greens in regulation, which had never been the case before (I often had rounds when I'd hit just one or none!). I'm really enjoying having more control over those longer shots!"

Adam M.
London, UK

"My golf game is great. I won $260 that same week I worked with you... lowest round I have had in 3 years... anyhow I can't thank you enough"

Jim P.
Sacramento, CA

"I really feel that I've gained a lot. Thank you! You made an immediate impact on my short game. I played the last 2 Thursdays and went from a usual 130-140 to 100 & 102. I never thought I was going to break 100 till now. Unbelievable!"

Kiyomi E.
Baltimore, MD

"I think your method of emphasizing how to feel things has helped me the most. I can already tell that I'm getting the hang of hitting it longer."

Alwin T.
Munich, Germany

"At the range yesterday, I am glad to tell you that my 9 iron can now consistently carry over 120 yards and 50% of my 7 irons can do 140 yards. I hit a couple of good drives with a slight draw reaching beyond the 220 yard mark. That was a huge improvement on my distance! With more practice, I believe I can improve on the consistency as well. I have to thank you again for the wonderful lessons."

Hong Kong

"Thanks for that great lesson. It has helped me tremendously. I am like a new guy with a completely different mind set and swing. I'm already seeing 10 to 15 yards longer off of the tee."

Ben S.
Fontana, CA

"Thanks so much for last weekend's session. I learned so much. Since I've been back, I have been to the driving range each night. I shot 85, and should have gone much lower. I was blasting my driver. Instead of being 25 yards to 50 yards behind everyone, I was hitting my driver with those guys or 10 yards ahead. I was not used to being so close for approach shots. By far, your lessons were the best I have ever taken."

Larry S.
Atlanta, GA


Lessons are conducted in the east bay area of San Francisco in Northern California at Boundary Oak Golf Course in Walnut Creek, California (about 45 minutes east of San Francisco) or The Golf Club at Brentwood in Brentwood, California (about an hour east of San Francisco). See the map just below for an overview of the general area. Continue below for more details on private and group lessons.

Overview map of area

About the Instructor

the instructor
  • PGA Class A Professional
  • Over 30 years of golf instruction experience
  • Master's Degree (Biomechanics/Exercise Physiology)
  • 2-time finalist National Long Driving Championship
  • Former West Coast Long Drive Champion
  • Charter member YONEX Long Drive Exhibition Team
  • Author of the 4-volume "Your Golf" book series - see details
  • Author of (ACE nominated) Golf Instruction Videos
  • Featured golf professional on many other websites with tips and articles on various aspects of the game

Schedule & Rates

There is not a fixed schedule for the Custom Golf Schools or the Long Drive Schools, as they are private sessions based on your availability, goals, etc. They are scheduled and priced on an individual basis. This chart will give you a general idea of the typical cost of the most common session lengths.

Golf School Rates *
 One student   Two students 
 3 hours per day   $225   $300 
 5 hours per day   $350   $500 
* Includes golf instruction only - does not include travel, lodging, food, etc.
All first-time students receive supplemental materials, so the cost of the first session-only is $30 more than later sessions.
Green fee or cart fee may be extra for sessions that include playing on the course.
Discounts apply with multiple sessions in one week.

Enroll in a Golf School

To arrange a Golf School, or to find out more about each type of school, see their respective pages: Custom Golf Schools or Long Drive Schools. There is a proposal form toward the bottom of each page that you can submit to begin the enrollment process.

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