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Golf Instruction Books
Covering the entire game in detail

The  Your Golf  series
Four Golf Instruction Books

the author
  • PGA Class A Professional
  • Over 30 years of golf instruction experience
  • Master's Degree (Biomechanics/Exercise Physiology)
  • 2-time finalist National Long Driving Championship
  • Former West Coast Long Drive Champion
  • Charter member YONEX Long Drive Exhibition Team
  • Author of (ACE nominated) Golf Instruction Videos
  • Featured golf professional on many other golf websites with tips and articles on various aspects of the game
Your Golf Book Covers

My 4-volume series of paperback golf instruction books covers all the fundamentals (and much more) of the entire game—thoroughly but in simple, user-friendly detail—from my unique perspective based on the experience listed above. And the last volume is about everything you can do to hit the ball your longest, both off the tee and with all your other long game shots as well.

The Full Swing
The Short Game
Beyond the Basics
Hitting it Longer

The ABC's of Golf
A Primer for Brand New Golf Beginners

In this section I am also making my online-only primer for absolute beginners, "The ABC's of Golf," available in its entirety for free. This e-book is a great place for beginners to begin, as it covers virtually everything to help a brand new golfer get started, assuming no prior knowledge or experience.

Introduction and Contents >>>

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