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Gift Certificates for Golf Instruction
with PGA Professional Mark Blakemore

Wanna give the gift of golf instruction to a golfer in your life?

Great idea!!   smile

If you are here in the Northern California area or will be traveling this way in the near future you can get a gift certificate for golf instruction with me in any amount you would like. Some typical amounts are shown in the table below.

Common Gift Certificate Amounts *
  One-hour private lesson $75 
  Three-hour Private Golf School $225 
  Two-day Private Golf School (8 hours total) $575 
  Six Private Lesson package $400 

* Any gift certificate amount is available

To get a gift certificate please or by

Please note these details:

  • Gift certificates must be redeemed within 6 months from their date of issue (printed on certificate)

For questions or clarifications please contact me per above.

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