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About and PGA Professional Mark Blakemore

Since 1998 has been a one-man operation—PGA Professional Mark Blakemore—providing a huge amount of golf instruction and golf-related information free of charge to enhance the learning process, development and enjoyment of golfers everywhere. I hope to continue to expand the site to be an increasingly valuable and comprehensive golf instruction resource. I welcome your feedback and suggestions toward realizing this ambition.

If you enjoy the website or find it useful please consider donating or supporting my work so that I can continue to maintain the site and provide quality information. You can help support my efforts in any of the following ways (all are greatly appreciated):

  •   cc line
  • Work on your game with me in person (if you are near, or will be visiting, the east bay area of San Francisco)
  • Buy your golf merchandise from my Golf Pro Shop (where you will get not only the minimum advertised prices but also a 10% discount in the eShop portion of the Pro Shop for being a visitor—use the coupon code PGAPRO10off at checkout).
  • Spread the word to friends, relatives, co-workers, golfing acquaintances about

I do hope you continue to enjoy the site and please let me know if there is anything you would like to see that is not already here. Thank you for visiting.

Meet the Pro

PGA Professional Mark Blakemore


OK, this is where you can find out a bit more about me. You'll find a few forms of goofing around, I'll mention some of my interests and history in passing, and display a few odd photos. Perhaps somebody will find this entertaining. If not, thank goodness for links and free will. smile

I'm Mark Blakemore, a PGA golf professional teaching at Boundary Oak Golf Course in Walnut Creek, California (in the east bay area of San Francisco). I work with golfers of all ages and ability levels. Private Golf Schools, Lessons and Golf Clinics or Outings for groups are available by appointment. If you can't come to work with me in person get my books, a 4-volume series of paperbacks covering the entire game in detail. I also have an "Ask the Pro" section, where you can check out questions golfers are asking and my replies to them, or ask a question of your own.


  • PGA Class A Professional
  • Over 30 years of golf instruction experience
  • 2-time finalist National Long Driving Championship
  • Former West Coast Long Drive Champion
  • Charter member YONEX Long Drive Exhibition Team
  • Master's Degree (Biomechanics/Exercise Physiology)
  • Author of the 4-volume "Your Golf" book series - see details
  • Author of (ACE nominated) Golf Instruction Videos
  • Featured golf professional on many other websites with tips and articles on various aspects of the game

Bio   Photos

OK, I did the graffiti for you already smile
The real me The real me The real me The real me

I was a charter member of the YONEX Long Drive Exhibition Team, from 1991-94. Here are a couple photos from our tour of Japan in 1993.

Here's a picture of me hitting it 440, can I have some free stuff now?
Exhibition at Hiroshima C.C.
The ball really "explodes" under these covered ranges!
We had some fun hitting 2-irons over a high fence 250 yards away in Nagasaki. Probably too much coffee; don't try this at home.

I love teaching golf. Here are a couple "action" shots of M.B.

Working with students
Working with a student indoors at the San Mateo Golf Show.
Exchanging ideas with teachers
Talking shop with another professional at a Teaching Workshop in Sacramento. I got the feeling he didn't like my grip...

I used to play far more than I do now (man, do things take time, or what?!!). I think I recall actually being pretty good once upon a time, but I suppose that could be my imagination.

What a goof - But it was WINDY!
I got this hat while playing in Hong Kong, thinking it would help me play like Hogan ... it didn't.
I wasn't TOO nervous...
Here I am playing in a (then) Hogan Tour event in Reno, NV. (More recently NIKE,, Nationwide... wonder how many different sponsors and names they can come up with.)

Early Indicators

Even as a very young child I had an intuitive understanding of the forces involved in a golf swing.

Centrifugal force
Weight shift

...but MAN I was ugly, wasn't I?

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